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 This company in 1992 was founded with aim to supply for industry of melting and casting from specific refractory materials and components & its first industrial activities began with casting production and repair of slide gate plate for Mobarakeh Steel Plants of Ladles .

In order to enhance the quality of its products, it cooperated  and exchange  information with companies such as (DEGUISA -SPAIN), (TOSIN – AUSTRIA) &( IZOFERR – HUNGARY- ).

In addition , this company after recognizing of customer’s request , to start own research on the subject and utilize the experts in scientific papers in R&D unit and tests in the laboratory to provide the test sample & after the positive results of test , the mass production is done.

Production equipment Lines

  1. Production and repairing of slide gate plates line .
  2. Fully Automatic production line of Alumina refractory castables .
  3. Fully Automatic production line of Magnesite refractory mixes .

4.Crushing & Grading line .

  1. Production line for precast shape parts from 1Kg to 10Mt .

6.Production line for Purging Plug (Segment type & directional slots) & Argon Lance .

7- Production line of specific Mortar for Slide Gate Ladle .

8- Laboratory with complete Mechanical  Equipment.

Geographical  company

The factory 54 kilometers south of Isfahan, Shiraz Road, RAZI industrial zone located .

Factory area  are over 20,000 square meters with 4500 square meters salon and office building  600 square meters.

Head  office is in  No.9 third floor ,Ali Mirza building, north Sheikh Sadoogh street .Esfahan ,Iran

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