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SLIDE GATE PLATE                                                                                 

The slide gate plates of the company are producing in different categories & offering  to its customers.                                                                                      

CS60-CS80-1QC -2QC- SD- NSC- B40-B50- LS70-LS50-N3S-FLOCON &……all of the systems                                                                        

                1-Al-C               ( Al2O3  70-92% )       


            2-Al-Zrc            ( Al2O3 77-87% )  

                                       (ZrO2    2.5-8% )  

             3-Mg-Al-C        ( Mgo 80-93% )

                                        ( Al2O3 2.5-9%)                                                             


All slide gate plates are produced in type of with tar-impregnation  & without tar-impregnation ,also the slide gate plate have the advantages of high strength , good erosion resistance & corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and good stability etc.. mainly used in large and middle ,small – sized ladles.







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